How We Roll: Last Milers of Massachusetts

Coming soon... Spring/Summer 2018 Release

"Last mile" is used to describe the difficulty in getting people from transportation hubs like railway stations, bus depots, and ferry slips to their final destination. These issues are acute in the USA where land-use patterns have moved jobs and people to lower density suburbs that are often not within walking distance to existing public transportation options. Critics claim this promotes reliance on cars, resulting in traffic congestion, pollution and urban sprawl.

HOW WE ROLL: The Last Milers of Massachusetts asks where are all the kick scooters, skateboards and cyclist, in this discussion? Three crafty Bostonians take on this challenge, exhibiting grit, courage and panache, emblematic of their home state's revolutionary roots.


  • I-Hsiun  “JacK” Fu 
  • Olivia Story
  • Jasmine Nicholas

NARRATED by Harry Zane

Written, Produced, Directed by Maryanne Galvin

Camera: Maryanne Galvin

Additional Camera/Photography:

  • Laura Homer
  • MaryKate O’Hara
  • Jack Fu

Edited by Maryanne Galvin & David Eells

Stock Footage: & Pond 5

Wilhelm Scream/Music/Sound Consultant: D.L. Melpignano

Child Wranglers: MaryKate O’Hara & Kathy Ficarra

Dog Wrangler: Marcy Jackson

Stock Music: Pond 5  &

Also appearing:

  • Peyton O'Hara
  • Callum O'Hara
  • Richard Milano
  • Lyobe Tensae
  • John Dau
  • Otis Jackson

With gratitude to the people on the streets of Boston who agreed to appear (anonymously)